Fishing Show 2018

Károly Bokor on the FishingShow!

A fanatic spinning angler, a journalist for 20 years, publishing in various angling newspapers, creator of great instructive movies about angling for zander and pike, Károly Bokor is aman of many talents. He hosted various tv shows and is currently working on his own series, apart from all this, he is also a test angler of Shimano and Rapala! During his long and successfull angling career he has caught hundreds of trophy fish, among them many 10+kg zander and 80+ kg catfish, from the Mexican Gulf to Lake Balhas. Still he says he feels at home on the shore of the Danube and other wild waters.


According to him, the key to success is, apart from being prepared, respecting nature and the fish, and being willing to learn.