Fishing Show 2019


În cadrul expoziţiei, vă puteţi întâlni cu următoarele branduri:

Aqua Trinexus was founded more than 10 years ago. By today, it is one of the market leaders in Hungary. Boats, boat engines, fish radars, not just for anglers.
Banax was founded in 1973, when they founded Bando Sports Ltd in Korea, in cooperation with Daiwa Seiko. The company specializes in reels and general angling goods.
The Carp Zoom products were created for carp anglers. Boilies, pelletts, everything that carp will find irresistible, at great prices.
The Carp Expert product line is the result of long development. The goal was to create top quality products, at an affordable price, which can face every challenge of modern carp angling.
The Carp Zoom products were created for carp anglers. Boilies, pelletts, everything that carp will find irresistible, at great prices.
Carp Hunter is a new product line brought to you by Energofish. Currently offering lines and accessories for carp anglers, but the rods and reels will also be available in near future. Excellent carping products, at great prices.
Chub is an english company that became famous for their excellent carping rods. Their products cover every aspect of carp angling.
Cralusso is a hungarian company, that invaded the angling market with their innovative floats. For their „Rocket” float they were awarded with the Genius innovation prize in 2006. Bob Nudd and Alan Scotthorne are both using Cralusso.
The serbian Dragomir brand joined the Energofish group recently. Their lures are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.
Every angler knows the products of Drennan. They started their business by manufacturing high quality accessories for professional and competition anglers.
The Ebro Crazy Cats is a spanish company specializing in catfish angling on the river Ebro. Led by expert angler Paul Booth, who knows everything there is to know about the Ebro and the catfish, they offer guided tours to everyone that wants to challenge the giants of the Ebro.
Energofish is one of the leaders on the hungarian angling market. Their products are made from high quality material, with strict quality control. Their product range covers every known aspect of angling. Their own brand EnergoTeam is a sinonym for quality angling gear.
The name E.S.P. is mostly known among boilie anglers going after the biggest carp. Their accessories are primarily for these anglers. This brand was created by Drennan, when angling for gigantic carp became popular across Europe.
Fishing Box makes high quality fishing boxes. Energofish is the exclusive distributor of this Italian company’s boxes. The products of Fishing Box are very popular in Hungary, as their high quality is available at a decent price.
The english Free Spirit company manufactures top quality angling rods. You could say their products are the „Rolls Rolyce” of angling rods. These almost immortal rods are made from only the highest quality materials.
The company Fuji-Toki, from Japan, makes high quality headlaps for campers, spelunkers and last but not least, for anglers. They also make lithium battery powered floats for night fishing, in several sizes.
Garmin is the world market leader in navigational devices, not just for for general purposes. They make excellent devices for hikers, anglers and spelunkers.
The Gold Star brand appeared on the angling market in the 90’s. They have a wide range of products, and their quality and low prices make them popular among anglers.
Horgász-Zóna is a unique webshop, through which you can order products not only to your home, but into their partner angling shops as well. They are bringing the english Middy and the 30PLUS product range, as well as the SAVAGE GEAR tackles and accessories with the new products for 2013.
Humminbird is the first name that anyone that has ever used fishfinders thinks of. The company that has been developing and upgrading the fishfinding technology has existed for one reason for the last 30 years: Find more fish! Catch more fish!
Inox Carp creates high quality, rust free, polished rod pods, suited to meet your every expectation, that can be adjusted to suit every situation. Unique orders are accepted, logos, engravings, everything you can think of.
King Baits offers baits and ground feed for every aspect of carp hunting. The products are developed and tested over a long period of time, to make sure that what you receive performs as promised. The King Baits test team works hard on helping them create the ideal bait, for you.
Imperial Baits entered the angling market a few years ago, under the leadership of Max Nollert. The test angers of Imperial Baits, led by Tamás Csörgő, have had excelent results.
Ferenc Koós designed, and gave his name to, the catfish series of Energofish, Energoteam. His knowledge and experience in catfish angling are the guarantee that these are high quality products.
Korda is one of Englands and Europes largest supliers of angling accessories. Lots of inventions, innovative ideas give them an extremely wide product range. Hooks, lines, edtackle, leads, everything you need.
Korum, an english company, set out to conquer the angling market by offering high quality angling products. Lots of feeder and overall angling accessories.
L&K is a brand of Energofish, named after Béla Lukácsi and Adrián Kovács. This series has been designed by these famous anglers and offer quality gear for catching trophy size predators.
Marcraft is a Dutch manufacture, where boats are made by hand. The future owner can customize his boat at his own leisure. Precise, top quality boats, directly from the maker.
Maritime offers a wide selection of products, not just for for sailors, but also for anglers. Boat motors, rubber boats, fishfinders, navigation devices are all a part of the companies product range.
Maros Mix is not only available in Hungary, it has a strong presence in several other countries in Europe. The distributors have strong ties with angling, most of them are angler or even competition anglers themselves.
You can find the right kind and size Maruto hook for every kind of angling imaginable. The steel used in the production process has been tempered to give the perfect ratio of power, weight and durability.
Minn Kota is the worlds oldest and biggest producer of electric trolling motors. Mr. O.G.Schmidt invented the first electric trolling motor in 1934.
Mora Hoff produces high quality knives in its Swedish factory. Their stainless steel blades are well known among anglers, hunters and cooks. They also have excellent ice drills, both manual and motor powered.
Nash is one of the oldest and most presitigous english companies to make baits and angling products. Led by living legend Kevin Nash, they appear with a brand new look in 2012, and brand new, innovative, high quality products.
The name Karel Nikl must sound familiar to anglers. Nikl is one of the leading boilie and carp angling brands in the Czech Republic. They offer high quality ingredients, baits, aromas. Quality, without compromise.
The idea of NORIZI Wobblers was born in 2008. After three years of developing and testing, this is the first year that their products are available on the market. Apart from Hungary they ship to Romania, Slovakia and Germany. Their goal is to make one of the best wobblers in the world.
Ottó bácsi a hazai sekély vizekre fejlesztette ki első támolygó villantóját, a Lutrát. Ami egy pillekönnyű, szinte lebegő csukás kanál, valósággal táncol a vízben – és ezt a csukákon kívül más halak is díjazzák. A sorozat második típusa Kele, egy klasszikus forma kicsit, a saját tapasztalatok alapján megbolondítva. A villantók több súlyban, alap és kuriózumnak számító, a piacon máshol nem kapható színekben készülnek.
PB Products comes up with innovative, high quality products, after thorough testing. Their unique angling gear has been developed and tested by such anglers as Frank Warwick, Koen Koops, Ronny de Groote and Peter Vogel.
Preston Innovations is one of Eglands truly innovative companies. Lots of experienced anglers have taken part in their development process, like Tommy Pickering, world champion. One of the largest companies in the match angling sector, with excellent products.
The beautifully designed, full metal Ryobi reels radiate power. Thanks to their new oscillation system they wind the line perfectly. Every model is a top quality reel, with several ball bearings.
The philosophy of Salmo is simple: Insist on Salmo! The company was founded in 1991 and is one of the fastest growing lure companies in the world. Great lures in a wide variety, at excellent prices.
SBS Tactical Baits started out as an english company, but following the success of Zoltán Kovács and his team, the company is now in hungarian hands. SBS boasts several record catches and world records. High quality baits, in lots of variants.
For anyone that follows the news regarding baits and groundbaits, the name SonuBaits might sound familiar. Many feeder anglers keep the products of this english company in their secret „in case of emergency” stash.
The Strike Pro lures, very popular in the USA, were well received in Hungary. Lots of variants and colors in lures.
The French Techipeche is mostly known among boilie and spinning anglers. Their specialties include PVA lines and bags, braided lines, and we should also mention the Technipeche rod pods.
Top Mix was founded in 1986 by József Pap. By 2004 it was market leader in groundbait in Hungary. Their product range was widened with angling accessories, and continues to grow.
The braided Tuf-Line lines of the american Western Filament Inc are created under high tension, making their lines smoother and stronger.